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To make a good quality beer “we always require Pure water”. So, Brewers give focus to the main source i.e. water and its purification of the main content for their brewing process. Pure and quality water sets the standards of the brewing process and taste of beer. If it doesn’t have the proper calcium or acidic content for maximum activity of the enzymes in the mash, we must bring it up to that standard. So, quality water plays the main role in the brewery process.


The Malted barley, renowned for Malt World, is used to create malt for brewers. The grain is first permitted to germinate to produce malt. Whole malted grain (portioned and cracked) is milled to allow it to absorb water, which helps to extract sugar from the malt. The malt will darken in color, depending upon how long the roasting method takes. This affects the beer’s color and flavor.


Malt is now added to heated, purified water, and malt enzymes break down the starch into sugar through a closely regulated method of time and temperature, and the malt’s complicated proteins break down into simpler nitrogen compounds. The mashing takes place in a large round tank called a “mash mixer” or “mash tun,” requiring careful control of the temperature. The malt is then supplemented by starch from other cereals such as maize, wheat or rice, depending on the required beer.